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Burst Volume Burst Pressure Testing Machine

Condoms (Male / Female) are tested as per the WHO/UNFPA specification by independent laboratories. These laboratories have to be accredited to ISO 17025 for the test methods in ISO 4074 in order to be considered for testing services. Therefore, We at MACK UNIVERSAL, has been manufacturing BVBP Testing machine to assist the laboratories to standardize their testing methods & reduce variability in the results as well as finished product.

The condom automatic bursting tester (double chamber) meets the production standard of ISO 4074-2002. For the convenience of operation, through the manual interface operation, the instrument can not only automatically and accurately detect, display, record the pressure value, volume value and used time For process of inflation test and condom explosion, but also provide the function of automatically printing test results through PC software.

Total process is under computerized control with indication in HMI and auto recording of the volume, pressure of the bursting of the condom simultaneously to analysis the condom quality data (maximum value, minimum value, average date, qualified date & unqualified data) for production upgrading & improvement.


  • Powder coated solid steel sheet and frame construction
  • Two independent cabinets, each cabinet has one mount for one condom
  • Front door made from 6mm transparent acrylic
  • Suitable for male & female condoms burst volume & burst pressure testing
  • Used good quality acoustic insulation to reduce the burst sound
  • Used good quality castor wheels for easy movement
  • Automatic door closing during test and opening after test the other sides are noise insulated
  • Used 5 micron filter & 0.03 micron mist separator for better results
  • Used air flow transmitter to accurate the system
  • Allen Bradley PLC based controller system
  • Allen Bradley 4” touchscreen display
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Real Time Data recording
  • PC communication via Ethernet
  • Auto / Manual system
  • Adjustable air flow that displays in HMI with the help of flow transducer
  • Actual status monitoring of air pressure that displays in HMI with the help of Pressure transducer
  • Alarm for – out of limit set air flow rate excursion
  • Recording of the measured results can be stored on PC and printed out in test forms, when desired
  • All modular technique – for easy exchange of spare parts and reduced maintenance cost – the equipment needs no special maintenance except cleaning
  • Technical data: Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

Method: Compressed air 4 bar, oil, moisture & dust free


Calibration is the comparison of an instrument to a known standard. Our BVBP testing machines are calibrated with a calibrator, which is certified by ERTL (Indian Government Agency) traceable to NABL India and NPL (National Physical Laboratory), Delhi – one that has paperwork showing it compares correctly to a chain of standards going back to a master standard.


Validation of equipment means preparing an authentic report of performance of the equipment, which establishes the fundamental documentary proof of proper working of the equipment within the specified limits of its performance accuracy and repeatability.


The ITDAS 4.0 software records the reading for each test sample, Recording of the measured results can be stored on PC and printed out in test forms, when desired.

Feature List of ITDAS4.0

  • User Friendly Software
    • Any User will be able to use the software on its own. Its UI is simple without any complex methodology
  • Easy to Understand
    • Use of the Software is so simple that it can be understood by user itself without anyone’s help.
  • Flexible to use
    • User can move from one page to another through the use of left sidebar menu provided. Tree Hierarchy structure is been provided. Easy to jump to main page with the use of Breadcrumbs. Shortcuts has also been provided.
  • Secure
    • Password here has been encrypted. Password reset can only be done when OTP to one’s number registered is sent.
  • Session Use
    • More security is provided with the use of session for the application. If no action is done for a particular time period then, session will be logged out. With this the data of the users is kept safe..
  • Real Time Data for Multiple Head connected
    • Dashboard provides us with the real time data of the multiple Head that are connected to the software with all its details for Temperature value. This is auto refreshed.
  • Database Backup and Restore
    • Provision to store the data into any user specified path is provided. User can easily restore the database from the saved path.
  • Reports for Multiple Chambers connected
    • Reports in the format of PDF can be generated for Chambers been connected , Event been assigned.
  • Graph shown for Analysis Reports
    • For any analysis report related to Calibration, result will be shown in the form of Graphs.
  • Graph can be exported as PDF
    • Generated Graphs can be exported as PDF and print can be generated.
  • Real Time fetching of Data from PLC
    • Real time Data can be fetched from the PLC machine connected and Reports can be generated.
  • Quality Control
    • With all the provided features, Quality has been maintained. Easy Maintenance is been provided.
  • Quick fetching of Data
    • Data fetching is fast comparatively. User will not have to wait for longer time for displaying of results even in reports format.
  • Log Maintenance
    • Easy Maintenance of the Logs are provided. Any data inserted/updated by whom, when and what actions done, all logs are maintained.
  • Increased Efficiency
    • Efficiency of the product is been increased with all the features provided.
  • Easy Installation
    • Installation procedure is very easy. No complex work has been provided for user to install.
  • OS Independent
    • Installation of the Software can be done on any Machine including MAC, Linux and Windows.
  • Availability
    • Software is been available to user in both Online and Offline mode.
  • Shell programming for Auto Start
  • Shown real time BVBPV data
  • Ethernet LAN communication
    • No of machine connected through modem in single software.

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