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MACK UNIVERSAL is amongst the very few companies who are involved in making the latest technologies work for the betterment of their customer's. As a leading structured supplier, MACK UNIVERSAL has a much diversified portfolio of services and solution that are available to the customer's, which can help them gain competitive advantage and become more productive.

The primary mission of our technical support group is to provide access to technical support via telephone & email or online. Our dynamic team of Sales & service understands that successful partnerships with our clients depend on consistently delivering beyond expectations. Their diverse experience & technical focus provide the flexibility necessary to quickly assist technicians with the field issues to maximize customer satisfaction & meet expectations.

Our customer profile along with our high end team supports the management to achieve the 3 word business strategy; "Insight - Vision - Solutions". With eight regional locations for service strategically positioned as required, MACK UNIVERSAL is poised to effectively support your project needs, wherever they may be.

Maintenance & Field Services

We guarantee our product and system performance through our maintenance and field services. The aim is to reduce the risk of untimely and costly disturbances and downtime. In order to obtain good performance we offer preventative maintenance by analyzing specific failures and identifying the root causes. This unique application competence offers significant advantages to our customer base. The key to a successful preventative maintenance program is creating a good equipment history so you can improve your program, justify changes and avoid unplanned stops.

In addition, we provide free technical training. This training can be requested through our service centres. As our products continue to evolve with the latest technologies, training is more important than ever.